Why We Love Retro Cars

While a majority of people often buys modern cars, there are a considerable number of car connoisseurs who still cling to a more retroactive style of cars.  We can never explain why, but these people often choose retro cars rather than buy the new ones out of the market. While the market is rich with new, expensive but reliable models, retro car owners would go out of their way and would even cross half the country just to get their hands on an older car.
I interviewed a number of retro car owners, and I was able to come up with a list of why we should favor older but still operational models.
1)Unique driving experience—old cars may have no power steering and depends on a strength-based, effortful driving regimen, but its good experience if you like driving it the hard way.
2)Reliability—once fully restored to its former glory, a retro car can be a smooth ride to take. While it doesn’t have the convenience found in newly manufactured cars, retro cars can run and perform as well, if not far better, than the modern alternative. Remember, during the old days, cars and other items were built to last and this is obvious in retro cars.

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