The Ferrari 250 GTO Is Remembered As More Of An Engine Than A Car

The Ferrari 250 GTOFerrari 250 GTO
A retro car is something which makes all car lovers go crazy just thinking about it. One such vehicle was the Ferrari 250 GTO. This wonder car came into production in between 1962 – 1964 and consisted of everything one could ask for – amazing styling, award winning engineering and it was owned exclusively by 39 lucky individuals. While most of the modern day super cars may surpass the historical GTO in terms of performance, none can match the style and aura it created in terms of both looks and performance. However, in its time the GTO was one of the fastest cars to have ever been made. Such was its exclusive design and performance that even after all these years, it is one of the most sought after cars in the world. Due to its exclusivity and amazing demand, the GTO has also sold for mind boggling prices such as $15000000. The car was designed as a dual purpose car to compete both in races as well as for street driving. Apart from its in race performances which need no explanation, the Ferrari 250 GTO was also extremely well received amongst people for its amazing body work. However, even though the car continued to win the world over, it was very selective in its owners. So unless one was in the good books of the great Ferrari Enzo or his associates, the best racing car was not available to them as a purchase option (to be continued…)

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