Taking Care of Automatic Retro Cars during Rainy Season

As of today, retro cars are in the verge of peak popularity.  Car owners have that elusive dream of owning vintage and retro cars that have become popular during the yesteryears. And now, owning a retro car is something that can give you a sense of pride.   This is the reason why many people from all across the globe want to have a retro car for their everyday travel.
Owning retro cars is no longer impossible these days. When you can’t get the option to buy original retro cars then you have the option to buy automatic retro-inspired cars. As of today, these types of cars are famously offered and sold in many auto shops and dealers all over the world.
But did you know that driving retro cars that come with automatic features is far more comfortable compared to driving the manual ones? Yes, it’s true, automatic retro cars are more comfortable than the manual ones but they are more sensitive during bad weather conditions.
This is the reason why when you make use of an automatic retro car for your everyday transport service, you need to be sure of the proper treatments you should do specifically during unfriendly weather conditions.
During the rainy season, floods and pool of waters on the road usually take place. This is especially true when heavy downpour of rain happens. Here are some few essential things you need to do whenever you are driving your automatic retro car in a rainy day and through high and severe puddles.
Firstly, you should avoid puddles that are as deep as the half of your car tire; doing this thing will prevent your car from getting stuck into these puddles. Remember that getting help is impossible especially when you’re in a remote place at the wrong time.
It is important to position your car wheels to L or low especially when your car is running through a puddle. This is very important to avoid water from entering your car’s exhaust and air filters. Wash the car immediately after it has walked through puddles to avoid water and mud from contaminating your car’s engine area.
Always take time to check the quantity and quality of your car’s transmission oil. It is highly suggested that this procedure would be done by an expert. Cloudy transmission oil simply means water has entered your car’s transmission.
Never attempt to start a car with its transmission entered by water. Call an expert to address such problem.

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