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The Retro Isotta – Lost and Found

Did you ever imagine that you could find a car which was very famous back in the 1920’s suddenly born again? Well, then your imagination turns out to be true as the elegant Isotta known for its look was found again. The Inside Story The history made a comeback when one fine day, the most […]

A Glimpse Into Retro Cars

Retro is the term that is used to define aged styling or culturally outdated styling and there have been many occasions where retro style has come back into fashion in the world of clothing, footwear and other areas. Retro cars are cars that are about 25 to 40 years old and cars that are over […]

The Ferrari 250 GTO Is Remembered As More Of An Engine Than A Car

The Ferrari 250 GTO A retro car is something which makes all car lovers go crazy just thinking about it. One such vehicle was the Ferrari 250 GTO. This wonder car came into production in between 1962 – 1964 and consisted of everything one could ask for – amazing styling, award winning engineering and it […]

Promoting Your Retro Car on the Internet.2

Aside from the fact that you need to include photographs, ingenuity and persistence for the vehicle’s listing, and a vivid and accurate description, you also need to come up with the following ideas. As such, you will be able to market, advertise, and sell your retro or vintage car online the effective way: Take time […]

All About Retro Cars.2

As of these days, definition of retro cars is still considered as ambiguous. However, there are certain countries, which made a standard for cars to be considered as something retro. For example, in Indonesia, a car needs to be at the age of 25 up to the age of 40 to be considered as retro. […]

All About Retro Cars.1

Remembering the good old days is one of the best things every human being is doing in his life. By doing this, people get the opportunity to relive the good old days. The same thing is true when people tend to make use of retro items like dresses, shoes, apparels, and others. What is really […]

Why We Love Retro Cars

While a majority of people often buys modern cars, there are a considerable number of car connoisseurs who still cling to a more retroactive style of cars.  We can never explain why, but these people often choose retro cars rather than buy the new ones out of the market. While the market is rich with […]

Brand New Retro Cars with Classic Features and Modern Features

Many of the people today love turning back time; those times when they were still young and become intrigued with the car technologies that are occurring during those days. For sure, many of them love to have cars during those days but the problem is that they were a way unaffordable.  As of these days, […]