Retro Race : A Special Motorsports Event

Retro race is revving its way up in the upcoming best ever event as it brings back together stunning and rare historical motorsport. Two and four wheel vehicles can ravage its way and return back to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on Friday 24 to February 26 Sunday.

Here you can witness legendary and rare racing cars like “Group C Porsche 956” – the first raging prototype chassis to be raced by Derek Bell and Jackie Ickx along Rothmans livery. The showcase goes on as Group B Porsche 911 SCRS 280bhp rally its way on Saturday and on Sunday. The action takes place in the Stage of Live Rally in celebrating the 30thanniversary. 

The fierce showcase of retro cars is a form of tribute to the fifty years of the legacy of MGB, with the foyer display of early race car collection. The hardcore roadster that was driven in the year 1963 Sebring twelve hour heart racing race by Carlisle, Christabel, and now “The” Lady Watson which is a former race car driver and the darling of the British fans in 1960’s, and of course Denise McCluggae, the American journalist. The roadsters shall be joined with racer from MGB GT works that was driven by Andrew Hedges and Paddy Hopkirk.

The stunning thirty years rallying shall be branded and marked by static display of unbelievable streaks and line-up along the Live Rally Stage. The event comprises of Group B rallying out on the day of Sunday and Saturday that will be making unbelievable showcases that will amaze visitors. The showcase shall be held in the multi-purpose course that will feature challenging turns and twist that will surely push retro cars to the limits. 

Many fans and car enthusiasts can’t wait to witness several retro cars that are tuned to perfection. Having a classified detail adapted from the past shall bring life of old and astonishing models. On the said celebration, Hall and Hall are said to participate in the anniversary of the Graham Hill after winning the first BRM’s F1 world Championship of 1962. The particular event will be completed by showcasing the BRM P57 model car that won the grand race.

For people who prefer two-wheeled events like motorsports, the event tributes the thirty years of Honda Racing Corp. led by Mike Hail wood, winner of the every GP seasons of 1965 and 1966. The event shall showcase the motorbike RC 173 500/4 and a replica of the Honda motorbike RC 163 250/4. Visitors will get the chance to see all of the action that’ll take place in this prestigious event.

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