Retro Mint

It is common knowledge that in the olden days, manufacturers took pride in their work. People put in a lot of effort in their handiwork, and even with the industrial revolution, people put in a lot of effort. This is not any different from how cars were made back in the day, although today’s cars may have a lot of technological advancements and added features, many argue that the cars of old are much better. These days, we have retro cars. Retro cars are old model cars that have been modified to add pizzazz to the car. The modifications are not normally done to the transmission of the car; it is usually the paint or the designs on the façade of the car.

In Los Angeles, California, they hold a retro car exhibit every year. The affair is called SEMA and it features a lot of old model cars that have been modified – body paint wise. There are so many out of this world painted cars and it has been very successful in attracting a lot of attention. Favorites include the Camaros, Challenegers, and Mustangs; cars that were favorites even before but have been brightened up and have been made more interesting. If you are interested in how color can change the over-all look of your retro vehicle, you can check out this car show in LA.

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