Retro Mint

A retro car in mint condition is another thing to behold. A car that has retained its original glory is always such a treat to see. A 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 is the cover of the Classic Cars Magazine for July. The owner of the featured car has been able to preserve the beauty of the original car. The upholstery, the wheels, the mirrors, everything is the same as it was when the car first came out in 1958.  

With retro cars, a person can go both ways; you can modify it and make the changes that you see fit, or you can preserve it original beauty and just keep it as it is. Modification in cars is a big thing in cars, some people spend thousands of dollars to make changes to their cars, but in the midst of all the modifications, preserved retro cars are also being greatly appreciated. Preserved older model cars are being appreciated more and more because in this day and

age of modification, it is becoming rarer and rarer to find a car that was made in the older days in mint condition. There is something to think about.

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