The Retro Isotta – Lost and Found

Did you ever imagine that you could find a car which was very famous back in the 1920’s suddenly born again? Well, then your imagination turns out to be true as the elegant Isotta known for its look was found again.isotta-melbourne
The Inside Story
The history made a comeback when one fine day, the most known car of the year 1920, Isotta Fraschini was found on the outskirts of Melbourne in Australia which was dormant for about 50 years. This cars name was based on its founders namely Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini. It was the first production automobile to have a straight eight engine which survived for a very long time. Due to the World War 2 and other disturbances the company crashed down and stopped making Isotta anymore. Finally after releasing two cars, it had to close down on account of bankruptcy.
The present scenario
We all know what happened in the past. But, it’s better to know about the present.
The news was known by a long term wife who contacted the radio communicator Sir John Faine and informed him about the car’s state.
A team of 8 enthusiastic people got together and researched on every single part of the car.
The car is now booked by RACV Motorclassica event at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition.
The local restorer who has bought it named Glenn Olsen will work upon the restoration of Isotta with his new ideas and make it a new one soon.
Well, such a nice master piece reborn again is something incredible because we all are fond of the retro collections and got a chance again to have a look at it. The treasure was in Melbourne but it took a bit long as it’s said that good things take time to come.

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