Retro Cars Rocks!

In the United States the demand for retro cars continues unabated. Because of such demands, many car and auto manufacturers have come up with cookie cutters, copycat, and uninspiring car models all claiming to be retro. This is only a strong indication that when it comes to retro cars, they really rock! 

As a matter of fact, the automakers in the United States are trying their best to bring out car models that reach back the cars of the yesteryears. The following is known as the Big Three car and automakers taking time to develop their new breeds of retro cars and the future models, which will soon appear.

But before dealing with The Big Three, you need to know what retro cars really are. Retro cars are actually types of cars that come with styling cues copied from the designs and attributes of cars that were developed one or two generations ago.

These cars are not actually the carbon copies of the earlier models but each of the retro cars you see usually borrows much of its looks from a car that has appeared during the old years.

The United States car and auto market dominates the market for retro cars. The New Beetle Volkswagen was considered as one of the many first cars that have reached back as they want forward. This car was based with the Volkswagen golf platform wherein the circular shape dates back to the era of the flower child while rendering itself as the people’s car.

This type of retro car also offers the flower holder found at the dash, evoking the sweet memories of the models that appeared many years ago.

Next is the Ford Company which also pushed on its way of developing retro cars and it was in 2002 when it rendered the introduction of its Thunderbird in the retro car market. This car has borrowed many of the attributes of the TBirds of the 60s.

Sometime in 2004, Ford has made it possible to come up with its own retro version of the popular 1967 Mustang. This kind of retro car has put so much success in the production of Ford.

Chrysler is one of The Big Three and with its PT Cruiser 2000, it made its way to become a part of the retro car craze in the US. This car is based from the panel vans in the 50s and sales for such retro car model are actually strong.



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