Retro Cars: Retro Show – July 01, 2012 at Santa Pod Raceway

On July 01, 2012, Sunday, a retro show will be held at the Santa Pod Raceway and the show will be presenting classic cars and bikes. The show is going to be something different; as for the previous retro car shows, which have been attended by many where they only sat there and sip their coffee and tea, this one is going to be something very different as the whole show is expected to be packed with a variety of actions.

Retro Show - Sunday 1st July 2012 - Santa Pod Raceway

Basically, the show is indeed a way for many people to participate in the race, which is intended for the show. So for those who have skills in car and bike racing, this is going to be a great way for you to show what you have. It is not only the driving and racing skills, which you can show in this event. In fact, you can also bring along with you whatever type of retro and classic machinery you currently have.

The retro show invites everyone out there who happens to have retro or classic vehicles, which include cars, scooters, bikes, lorries, and others which have become hot items during the 1950s up to the 1980s.

The retro show will feature many different events that will surely make the day big, exciting, and unforgettable. Such events include Club Stands, Show and shine, Drag Demos, All-day RWYB, Traders, Weekend Camping, ESC Drag Racing, auto Jumble, Night Entertainment, Vehicles for Sale at Poddack, Fun Fare Rides, and many more!

Retro Show

Since all types of retro cars and bikes are invited, everyone will have a good time looking any of the following cars that are expected to include themselves in the lineup of retro and classic cars. These are Audis, BMW cars, BSA bikes, Fiat, Citroens, Fords, Hillmans, Honda, Harley Davidson, Jaguars, Lancias, Mercedes, MGs, Minis, Porsches, Peugeots, Renaults, SAAB, Royal Enfield, Scooters, Vauxhalls, Volvo, Yamaha, Volkswagens, and any type of vehicles that you can call retro.

Now if you want to have your retro car sold, all you have to do is to park it at the Paddock’s Auto Traders Cars where they will be sold to the public. Just stick your number on the windshield or on the car’s dashboard; in time, you will soon receive calls flooding in. whether you are selling, buying, or browsing, this is definitely the best way for everyone to shift cars at the retro show!

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