Retro Cars are Here to Stay

Since the Concept One, the New Beetle was introduced some time in 1994, more and more retro cars have come along as years go buy. Does this mean that retro cars are here to stay? Will they come running on the streets once more and make people awe in wonder? Or will they ever dominate the streets again to give the feeling of the good old days coming back to life? 

Whatever you may want to think, retro cars are expected to increase in numbers as years go by. The New Beetle was actually the very first one and at the start of 1998, more and more car manufacturers have joined the bandwagon of other manufacturers who take time creating retro cars with the hope to get similar success the Concept One had.

In fact, many of these manufacturers expect to overpass the success rate achieved by the Concept One edition. However, even when these manufacturers have sued the same formula as the New Beetle, very few of these cars have stood out the test of time.

There are two more types of retro cars which are now creating big buzzes in the market today and the first one is the Fiat 500. This car is actually based and copied from the original version known as the Nuova 500 which became so popular during the 1950s. This car has really become a hero in Europe and Italy. Fiat 500 gives full respect to the “The New Beetle formula”..

The Fiat 500 is based on a platform from a more affordable model. The two have nothing in common to show except for their overall designs. This gives you the idea what really works when it comes to making retro cars.

Another retro car that deserves attention is the MINI or the New Mini. This retro car model is now considered as one of the prides of BMW and almost got its way to disrespecting New 500 and New Beetle formula.

The Mini launched in 2001 to a whole new platform with private parts almost not to be seen in other cars. The engine was bought from Chrysler but the overall platform was not based but from any other types of existing car platforms these days.

There are more New Generation retro cars which are expected to come out this year and in the coming years as this is really the era where ‘retro-futurism’ is at its peak. Retro cars are really here to stay!

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