Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible

Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible makes waves with v8 engine.  There is definitely a lot of buzz on EBay as a 1940 Ford Convertible with a Modern v8 Power Engine takes the stage as a primary auction of the week, drawing in car enthusiasts and non-stock collectors to vie for their bids in the hope of taking home this one-of-a-kind vintage legend. The 1940 Ford Convertible was auctioned off and it is in good condition, catching wind that the mere occurrence of any 1940 Ford Convertible in working condition is a rarity in itself. The auction has already caught a firestorm of bids, with this Ford classic running on a high-power modern Chevy small block.
With its current specs on display on EBay, you can clearly see that the rare find has been modified quite a bit and is looking a bit different from when it came out of the assembly roughly a quarter of a decade ago. The customization of the drop-top has reeled in some disputes about preserving the actuality of the model and chassis make of one of the rarest cares still existence. When it comes to the custom chassis mold that uses a Mustang 2 front suspension line and a total air ride system, the car is more than capable of ramming itself through rough terrain and sticking to a manageable ride height with no problems. The installed 5.3-liter engine is equipped with an overdrive suspension with an impressive cruiser that has the capacity of reaching up to 20+ mpg.

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