Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible.2

The biggest point of excitement for most bidders is the occurrence of a

1940s Ford Convertible that is still in great chassis condition. The addition of air ride to the vehicle as well as using a modern Chevy small block from the LS collection is almost a standard when it comes to the principle of car tuning. Most buyers however relish the concept of using this customization on a remarkable vehicle design such as the Ford Convertible.
The best thing about this rare find is the fusion of functionality and a vintage elegance that will rarely be seen because of the discontinuance of this chassis model. This will probably be one of the few hotrods of its own accord worldwide and while it can be construed as a confused creation for tuning “purists”, any hotrod is meant to create this much pandemonium as part of its exciting legacy. The highest bid for this 40’s Ford is at $18,100.

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