Nothing Retro-Like about the Retro Cars

Ask anyone who belongs to the past and, they would definitely say that most of the cars that exist today had their ancestors in the retro versions. Chevrolet Camaro 2002 Yes, a chevy of today is the re-vamped version of the original Chevy that belonged to the retro era. Though they belong to their ancestral cars, they hold next to nothing about those retro cars. These retro cars have been redefined by giving them the right technology and style mix.
The Retro-Modern Fusion
If you study the Chevrolet Camaro, the model was designed in the year 2002 and, has been recently revamped in the year 2012. Apart from the styling part, the technology and interiors of this car are completely modern. You would observe the name and the styling to be completely retro. Such retro-modern fusion of Camaro has driven it ahead of the competitors.  In case of the Dodge Challenger, the car that was first launched in 1970, the muscular styling part remains retro. Another example of the retro-modern fusion includes the Ford Fiesta. Apart from the name, this car holds European styling and the fuel efficiency details as retro.
The Name’s RetroDodge Cars
Oh! And there are these cars that have only the name that sounds retro. Apart from the name, the other details of the car including the features are all modern
The Dodge Dart is one such car that has only the name to call it retro. The features, style, appearance and the interiors plus exteriors of this car bear no resemblance to its retro version
Chevrolet Malibu is another such car that holds a retro name and no resemblance to the retro version. The best part of technology that the modern version holds is the fuel efficient four cylinder engine
So, you would realize that there are many such cars that have retro names and a few resemblances too. But, their modern versions are absolutely unbeatable.

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