Modern Retro Cars Rock

These cars are called “modern retro cars” simply because they are produced during the modern days and come up with designs that are much similar to the designs of retro cars. They are not actually carbon copies but they are cars that borrow much of their designs from the earlier models.

One of the most popular models for modern retro cars these days is the New Beetle Volkswagen. The kind of car produced with this kind of design evokes the era of the flower child and render’s the people’s auto image. Now, you can have it with the popularized “flower holder” with the dash – a great way to present the memory of the older models.

Ford got its share with the introduction of its retro car model known as the 2002 Thunderbird. This model borrows much from the designs of the TBirds era in the 60s. Ford sells this particular in a very limited number.

Chrysler also got its share of retro touch with its PT Cruiser 2000. It’s a cool car with features and designs borrowed from the earlier Dodge models.

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