First Retro cars show for 2012

All retro cars owners and lovers are invited to join The Retro Show to be held on the first Sunday of July 2011 at Santa Pod Raceway. The retro show promises to be action-packed show with all the show and shine for all types of retro vehicles. Retro Show welcomes all retro vehicles including cars, scooters, Lorries and bikes from 1950’s-1980. 

The show is set to feature in an all day event activities such as RWYB, ESC Drag Racing, Drag Demos, Show and Shine, Traders, Weekend Camping, Evening Entertainment, Fun Fair Rides and a whole lot more.

As the show will welcome all retro cars, attendees can expect to see BMW’s (E30),Fiat, Fords including the likes of Capri, Escort, Fiesta, Cortina, The Harley Davidson, Honda (S800,CB750)Jaguars, Porsches, Renaults, Mercedes, Volvo, VW.s (Golf, Beetle, Camper) MG and everything that is retro including modern retro cars, new Mini’s and New Beetle, New Fiat, Figaro, etc.

All car riders can also enjoy a RWYB for only 25 pounds sign up for all day ride and run at Santa Pod strips. Runs are divided into different classes for cars, vans and trucks, Scooter and Motorcycles and outlaw classes. Trophies await all RWYB winners.

The show also features traders and sellers of different trades such as car parts, food and even clothing. There will be a live band performance and fun rides for children and for riders too.  It will also feature Rapid GB Dyno for tuning readouts and expert advices and riders can expect to get their hand on the latest Dyno kit. It will also allow an Auto trader Park where riders can trade off their retro cars and it is free for both riders and buyers. The show’s Autojumble is the place to find vintage and rare parts at bargain prices. Attendees will be only required to have their ticket stamp and use it as gate pass for Autojumble.

The Retro Show also will provide riders who want to test their speed and handling skills with the Auto Test for a round in the handling circuits of Santa Pod railways. The action will starts with the Monster truck hauling all non retro cars. The excitement will begin when the fastest Jet car Fireforce 3 take the strips with flame-throwing 270mph performance which the show organizers hope that retro riders and lovers will not miss.

The Retro Show is slated to bring attendees all retro cars riders and lovers across the country. The show promises to be a success with the public’s undying support and love for retro cars and other vehicles.

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