Experience the Look and Feel of Classic

1958 Land Rover Series II 88

If you fancy the classic and favors the elegance of the old world then retro cars is for you. Even though a lot of people prefer the modern façade of new generation cars, there still a wide number of car enthusiasts that favor the cool classic look of the retro. These classic cars are great collector’s edition, although they are way behind the racetrack when it comes of power and mileage these cars stand out because of their distinctive look that could bypass most modern edition cars.

Some of the best seen and popular retro cars today include the Jaguar XJ, the Porsche 911, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Chevrolet Corvette and the very in style Ford Mustang. For some collectors the old Land Rover models (like the series I, II, & III) have distinct appeal because of their well-built façade and muscular body, the design is timeless and elegant giving the series their unique utilitarian feel. The good old Citroen DS and the Saab Sonett III are also popular among collectors; these retro cars can be seen as a common fixture in the garage of many classic car collectors.

Citroen Ds Wallpaper

In the UK, some of the most priced retro cars include the good old Volkswagen series like Golf, Camper & Beetle; the Fiat 500; the old Ford Vans including the Capri, Escort, Cortina, and Fiesta; the Peugeots 205; the classic Porsches; the Hillmans Avenger; and the classics from Lancias, Mercedes, and BMWs.

Saab Sonett III

To some, owning a retro car is like owning a pet, it needs ample amount of patience, dedication and deep passion to keep it smooth and running. Frankly speaking, retro cars are more demanding than modern vehicles; they require regular maintenance and make over if you want to preserve their power. Yet despite the fact that new generation vehicles are more efficient and far better in terms of electronics and control system retro cars still charm car collectors’ heart with its sense of timeless passion and eternal grace.

A tidbit of trivia for avid retro car fans: If you’re based in Oklahoma you may have heard about the car firm there called Classic Recreations, this firm offers replica of the cars that were featured in the film Gone in 60 seconds by Nicolas Cage. A lot of cars from that film were cloned following its success however Classic Recreations is just the one that offers the licensed edition so the public can acquire the rendered version without the fear of the licensing bodies chasing them.

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