Classic Sports Car Remade and Refreshed

A lot of modern sports cars are built like typical family cars today. Some have four-door setups, a far cry from a purely sophisticated two-door sports car style from the 1980s. Moreover, sports cars tend to be aggressive and powerful back then. Now it appears as though automobile companies are finding ways to fuse two types of cars into one hybrid set. But for this owner, he thinks his sports car can still be a good ride, to say the least.
This owner proudly owns a 1986 Mitsubishi Starion, a classic sports car whose design was later emulated by its competitors. The Starion is also used in rally racing, winning numerous rallying awards during its time. It was available in both narrow and wide body forms. Despite the fact that it never caught popularity during its production in the 1980s, sports car aficionados still value the vehicle’s sleek and fierce form, which is typical of the sports cars made at the time. A distinguishable feature that is later used in other models is that the floodlights are closed when not in use, only opening when it is used for nighttime driving. Indeed the Mitsubishi Starion is one of most defining examples of sports car technology.

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