Classic Cars at Barrett-Jackson Annual Extravagance

Barrett-Jackson, the famous Auction Company has launched the biggest classic car auction and had managed to draw bigger crowd compared to the previous year despite assessment of declining interest in classic retro cars.
Eight extremely rare cars were offered in its annual extravagance held in Scottsdale Arizona. A few years ago, the auction company has sold the OLDMOBILE L88 for a surprising price of 3 million dollars. Now 1954 Desoto Adventurer II Coupe is predicted to get more than the rare vintage Oldsmobile, as Desoto is as rare as they come. 
The Desoto Adventurer was built by Ghia on the classic Chrysler Imperial Chassis using a Hemi engine. The car was built revolving around the concept of one of one car model. It was first owned by Morocco’s King Mohammed V.
Craig Jackson, acting chief executive of Barrett-Jackson said that the auction is expected to draw a big number of retro cars fans and note that General Motors has strong followers.
Classic cars to be auctioned include the Bentley car model built by the Franey, a French car firm. It carries the big and swooping fenders and the dramatic lines and the body that spells what’s like during the French time. Only three of this car was produced and each is distinct from each other.
Also expected to fetch high price is the 1948 Tucker Torpedo, one of the only 51 car models produced before the Tucker company closed shop in 1949. This is one of the 47-surviving models with rear-engine with disc brakes and fuel injection. Its padded dashboard is what makes this car a rare find even in its heyday. 
Other gorgeous cars that have attracted attention are the Model Dueseberg J Murphy Town Car 1930); the first owner was American Tobacco Company founder J.B. Duke’s widow; Nanaline Duke; Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Roadster (1930); a Cabriolet model that was first shown at the Commodore Hotel New York and has created quite a sensation during that time when ten more of this kind was built carrying the tag Commodore. The car in the auction has the body made by Castagna of Milan and the original car.
Craig Jackson commented that restoration begun years ago but the woks still command adoring looks. He also added that this type of car has not been sold and hopes that in the near future, they will sell one or more. He also added that 1957 Desoto Adventurer is the top collector’s favorite and difficult and expensive to restore.
Barrett-Jackson Auction Extravagance is held annually showing off rare and vintage cars. It is a much-awaited event most especially for car collectors and retro cars fans all over the world.

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