Bring Back your Nostalgic Past

Bring back your nostalgic past and relive those days when Afros and psychedelics were the order of the day by setting up your own retro car. Retro cars are our way of handing down some of the features of our culture to the next generation. They are the signatures of our way of life back then.  It is so easy to buy the latest top of the line car nowadays but it will always be a challenge to restore an old car back to its original classy form. Retro cars will make you stand above the rest, not the newest trendiest automobile which anybody can buy.

Each year, an exhibition center in Los Angeles hosts a trade show called SEMA and it is an event about retro cars. In here is where you will see the wildest, best dressed retro cars in the world. Yes, you will feast your eyes on scorching red paints and oversized chrome rims. See modified Mustangs,Challengers, and Camaros. The recent SEMA convention herded in one of the most amazing 1962 Ford Fairlane I have ever seen in this side of retro world. Prepped with a single tail light and a centered fin, the Fairlane lived up to my expectation as the best turning point car of the recent century.

Back to the retro cars and away from the event, it is undeniable that the most enduring survivor of the past century is the Volkswagen Beetle. You would be amazed on the number of original  Beetles still plying the road today, many of them as roadworthy as the next new Civic or Corolla. And the great thing about the VW Beetle is that they are astoundingly affordable, with parts and accessories still accessible. In fact, there are over a hundred forums maintained by VW Beetle owners all over the world and if you are an avid collector or if you are maintaining one, you would find it interesting to join these discussions and learn a few things that you may still do not know about your Volkswagen Beetle, and you can also share your experiences on the handling and preservation of these amazing retro cars.

The retro look has always kept the Volkswagen afloat in the used car section as more and more people are becoming interested in the restoration of old cars. Retro cars remind us of so ma y things that have been considered as family tradition.

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