Amazing Retro Cars

Every now and then, we see something that reminds us of our past, the fun that we had and other amazing experiences associated with whatever we saw.

Volkswagen Type 1

For me, some of my most memorable adventures were with my good old reliable Volks Beetle, one of the most enduring retro cars of anybody’s lifetime.
The Beetle is for me the most durable retro car of all time. Its engineering design is ahead of its time; its features are slick and its operation simple. In addition, what is great about the Beetle is that there are still an ample supply of its parts and accessories so it is easy to reconstruct your favorite Beetle. You can still see a lot of this astounding retro car running around in perfect driving condition.
If you are into retro cars and you want to see more of the old stuff brought back to life once again, you have to be at the annual Race Retro.

914-6 Porsche

In their last event, I ogled on a lot of retro cars that were not present in last year’s event. The Jamiroquai (no, not the artist) 914-6 Porsche showed that it still had the muscle while the Holden Chevy with its 5.o liter engine was destroying the eardrums of those within twenty feet of it with its loud revs. In the same event, those who love to collect retro cars had their fill when Silverstone Auctions sold off assorted vehicles including the Lotus Cortina F1 racer, which fetched at 80,000 pounds. I caught a glimpse of, if I am not mistaken, a JXC 808D, which was rallied in the 1970 Marathon de la Route. It still looked as formidable now as it looked back then. Transformed into a beast machine, the JXC 808D led the race by almost 50 miles. Unfortunately, due to the uncontrollable vibrations in its prop shaft, the car had to be retired.

Lotus Cortina F1

Like everyone else, I enjoy driving the smooth ride that the new cars bring. They are all about speed and comfort combined. People nowadays love the feel of comfort coupled with silence and do, too. However, once in a while, you feel the pressure surging and you feel the wind hitting your face again, you want to hear the roar of that old engine burning the fuel mercilessly. In addition, this kind of feeling can only be attained when you step on the gas pedal of a good old retro car, the car that we all grew up with.

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