A Pick-Up with a Wooden Bed

One of the most durable vehicles is the pickup. It is an all-purpose automobile that can play its trade anywhere, from paved roads to dirt tracks, and even in the farm. Most pickup bodies are slightly tuned for monster truck competitions, featuring stronger skeletal framework and giant wheels. For this owner, he decided to take it a step further in customizing his own pickup, adding a few touches inside and out.

This owner of the 1972 Datsun 521 made it clear that old is still good and made some tuning work to make it more appealing to the present generation. One of the most notable changes is the wooden bed, which was well varnished. The wooden bed was just the first of several changes this owner made to this classic.

The interior of the vehicle provides a perfect blend of old school and new school, all rolled into one. The seats in the Datsun are upholstered with fabric, providing a sofa-like comfort. The steering wheel adds a sporty touch to the Datsun with its three-spoke design and futuristic look. Elsewhere the dashboard remains untouched, creating a more classic vibe within the vehicle. 

The exterior of the vehicle was purely black, with silver-alloyed mag wheels accenting the look. Adding to the fun was a pair of yellow LED fog lights, creating an impression of a black panther roaming in the night. The engine was also upgraded for a more optimal performance.

This owner was so proud upon customizing the vintage Datsun pickup. What was more impressive was that he did not add any extreme elements to his vehicle such as illustrations and other random shapes. He kept the customization as minimal as possible, with the wooden bed making it recognizable to the naked eye.

Some of latest car news is dedicated to customization and tuning, not only with the newer models, but also with the throwbacks that have been neglected and overlooked by the presence of futuristic designs. Some of these vintage automobiles are also showcased in auto shows around the world, even going side by side with the newest automobile releases. It only goes to show that old school cars, with some much-needed tweaks, are still a better ride.

As this owner takes his newly-customized Datsun into the street, he will be proud that his vehicle will look as good as new. And so, do the other drivers, who can only hope that a little fine tuning will make their cars feel like it rolled out of the factory.

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