Another Salvage Yard has to Go

John Baughman has been working hard and quietly on his Baughman’s Auto Salvage yard on Dover for some years and had loved the yard so much. But his yard has to go and he can’t do anything to change City Hall’s decision.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

What is special about Baughman’s Auto Salvage was the cars that he have found lying on the yard years ago when he arrived at the place. He was moved and became so excited and bought the salvage yard out of his lifetime savings.
It was some 40 years ago when the yard has nothing but crops and farm pastures. The yard was then known as C&B Salvage yard. But time has changed and neighborhood begun sprouting like mushrooms in the vicinity. With odd mixture of growing country houses and salvage yard, one has to go. And it is the salvage yard that has to go. It is now due to close.
Baughman’s did his best to appease the neighborhood and the local board by doing some cleaning and fixing but everything did not work. The select group of people who built their homes near the yard, which has been a half century old, is trying to make the closing done in the quickest time possible. Baughman Auto Salvage has until Dec. 31 of this year to close the yard.
Baughman is trying to save the majority of the yard’s inventory that has not been sold but all must go to the crasher. However he was able to get permission to transfer anything that’s rare or desirable to his another operated salvage yard located which is only 10 miles away from Dover. All that will not be sold will be most likely to go to his Dover salvage yard.

John Baughman, owner of Baughman's Auto Parts in York, PA. John's other yard, Baughman's Salvage Yard in Dover, PA., is closing, 900 cars will be crushed and cleared from the property.

Most of these are vehicles from 1960’s era and the newest. Most of these counting to more than a thousand vehicles have been there when brothers Carl and Bob was the operating owners. Baughman did not move any car into the yard.
Amazing collections of the yard include 1957 Chevrolet Bel- Air Sport Coupe and some other tri-Chevy models and convertibles and Nomads. Foreign sport cars in the yard that include 1950’s MGA roadster still having its original knock-off wire wheels are another great treasures of the yard.
Old Cars magazine has interviewed John Baughman, his flight has been circulating among retro cars lovers, and some restoration group has send messages filled with interest. When asked how he was able to find the salvage yard, Baughman is all smiles and just say, it’s a case of word-of- mouth from friends.
Now word-of-mouth is spreading the future of the salvage yard and the future of those classic cars waiting to get restoration.

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