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Retro Mint

A retro car in mint condition is another thing to behold. A car that has retained its original glory is always such a treat to see. A 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 is the cover of the Classic Cars Magazine for July. The owner of the featured car has been able to preserve the beauty of […]

Retro Mint

It is common knowledge that in the olden days, manufacturers took pride in their work. People put in a lot of effort in their handiwork, and even with the industrial revolution, people put in a lot of effort. This is not any different from how cars were made back in the day, although today’s cars […]

Retro Cars – Anything You Want to Know.2

What about those cars, which have become popular during the years earlier than the seventies? What are they called? Any cars, which were developed years earlier than during the seventies and have survived all through the years are called vintage cars. Basically, these are more priceless than retro cars because basically, the older the car […]

Retro Cars – Anything You Want to Know.1

People simply love their old memories. They dwell reminiscing their pasts and because of this, they can’t simply leave their pasts behinds. While some enjoy reminiscing their good old days, others simply enjoy collecting things and items which remind them of the sweet and olden days. As of today, many people from all over the […]

Promoting Your Retro Car on the Internet.2

Aside from the fact that you need to include photographs, ingenuity and persistence for the vehicle’s listing, and a vivid and accurate description, you also need to come up with the following ideas. As such, you will be able to market, advertise, and sell your retro or vintage car online the effective way: Take time […]

Promoting Your Retro Car on the Internet.1

Have you realized that maintaining a retro car can be a very expensive hobby? You’ve tried this for years now and you’ve now come to the point of realizing that this costs you so much. As a matter of fact, many of the owners of vintage and retro cars all over the world do not […]

Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible.2

The biggest point of excitement for most bidders is the occurrence of a 1940s Ford Convertible that is still in great chassis condition. The addition of air ride to the vehicle as well as using a modern Chevy small block from the LS collection is almost a standard when it comes to the principle of […]

Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible

Reconstructed 1940 Ford Convertible makes waves with v8 engine.  There is definitely a lot of buzz on EBay as a 1940 Ford Convertible with a Modern v8 Power Engine takes the stage as a primary auction of the week, drawing in car enthusiasts and non-stock collectors to vie for their bids in the hope of […]

A Pick-Up with a Wooden Bed

One of the most durable vehicles is the pickup. It is an all-purpose automobile that can play its trade anywhere, from paved roads to dirt tracks, and even in the farm. Most pickup bodies are slightly tuned for monster truck competitions, featuring stronger skeletal framework and giant wheels. For this owner, he decided to take […]

All About Retro Cars.2

As of these days, definition of retro cars is still considered as ambiguous. However, there are certain countries, which made a standard for cars to be considered as something retro. For example, in Indonesia, a car needs to be at the age of 25 up to the age of 40 to be considered as retro. […]