Catch Larry Kosilla Clean 1966 Porsche 912 in this Video


There are many people who are unable to get rid of their old cars. Few people are unable to part with they would car only because of the fact that it was their first vehicle. Some of them are able to take good care of their old car. But in many cases it has been seen that the people are unable to maintain the car in a good condition. Thus the vintage car soon loses it shine and glamour. It loses its ability to attract the people as it could do when they were new. Soon these cars find their place in the old barns. As a result the condition of the car deteriorates. It takes up dust and the paint loses the shine soon.

Condition of the car

It was covered with cobwebs and dirt.
Even cat fur was also found among the other wastes.
Kosilla could not even use water to wash the car because it already had water in it.
Wiping and steaming was carried out to get rid of the dirt.
When everything was gone the paint correction process was carried out.

The same thing happened

Larry Kosilla is a famous name in the car cleaning industry of New York City. He is the founder of Ammo which is well known for the car cleaning products. He also runs his own show in the Drive network of YouTube. His car cleaning work is well known to many people. Many of us have seen him giving a great look to a Ferrari 288 GTO. It took him just two days to complete the detailing task. In the current episode we can witness Kosilla at his best. He is taken the task of cleaning a Porsche 912 that has been manufactured in 1966. The car in the scene was last registered in 1990. It has been found locked up in a barn situated in Connecticut.

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