Classic Sports Car Remade and Refreshed

For this owner, he convinced customizers to refurbish his engine, in order to make it more viable in the light of engine advancements in newer models. He also upgraded the clutch and brake mechanisms with updated equipment. He decided not to repaint the car, thinking that the paint job, despite its age, is still intact and in good condition. Little changes were also made to the seating and dashboard. With all that, he only upgraded the engine and its parts while keeping the interior and the car body intact.
Retro cars are still the best cars after all. Even in the advent of intense competition from newer, more efficient and advanced models, vintage cars remain one of the best products a driver can buy. These days they are showcased in auto shows throughout the world, reminding automobile aficionados that old is still good, and that they can still ride in perfect harmony.
This owner, like various other owners, possesses a vehicle that appears to have forgotten from public view, and was a bad sell from the beginning. Never mind if the vehicle did not sell well like its fellow models, for as long as its functionality overcomes its shortcomings, it can be a good ride. And for this owner, it was a rare opportunity to showcase a seemingly lost car model to others on the road.

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